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The Sea Glider is the boat for those who love being out on the water under their own power. The Sea Glider is a boat with lots of pizazz. You can pass almost every other rowing or paddle boat on the water with ease. It's great in a chop on the open bay or large lake; 5 - 10 - 15 mile rows are no problem for the novice rowers. The Sea Glider seats 2 adults and contrary to almost every other row boat; It's Stable.


• Ultra Stable
• Handles 2 Foot Chop
• Ultra Fast
• Does Not Tip, Safe
• Long Center Seat; for 2+
• 4 Air Compartments
• Operates in Shallow Water
• Built with Pride in the USA
• Perfect Duck Boat for Hunting

Catamaran Design

The Sea Glider 16 Catamaran was designed by Nick and Larry Graf. Larry has been a cat designer for more than 20 years; first with Glacier Bay Catamarans and now with Aspen Power Catamarans. The Sea Glider design stems from our love of small boats as well as large. It gives the boater the ultimate rowboat experience.

Catamarans, while relatively new to the west, have a long history. They have been used since the 1600's among the paravas, a fishing community in the southern coat of Tamil Nadu, India, and independently in Oceania, where Polynesian catamarans and outrigger canoes allowed seafaring Polynesians to the settle the world's most far-flung islands.

The catamaran design gives the boater a stable smooth ride. The design is based on 2 fine hulls with high length to beam ratios to reduce drag. Stability is unique to a rowboat; there is no fear of tipping on a Sea Glider 16. You can stand up on either side and it is stable. It has 4 air compartments in the hull. The long center seat allows for trimming for ideal performance when rowing. It rows very fast and is exhilarating exercise. A 12v electric trolling motor mount on the transom is standard. For the hunters out there, it would be great as a duck boat, very stable and quiet; camouflage coloring is available. It is the ultimate rowboat.


Shallow Water


rowing rowing fishing

Ultra Stable

Does Not Tip


stability rowing stability standing more stabiltiy


Remote Places

2 People

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